Mild mannered reporter?

Not much media coverage in Australia about the Hawaii Ironman but I'm happy to say that the Triathlete Chronicles' very own Athletic Powerhouse can be thanked for some of it!

Kudos to Beretts the sports guy on Sunrise for mentioning Macca's win in the 7.00 news this morning. Unfortunately the poor bloke struggled a bit when his co-hosts asked him a few too many questions about the event.

Athletic Powerhouse to the rescue... a quick tap tap tap on the keyboard and hey presto, in the 7.30 sports report he read most of my e-mail and thanked me for my effort! So not only Macca, but Crowie and the four Aussie girls that placed in the top ten got some well deserved recognition as well. Even gave a plug to the two Australian qualifying races, IMOZ and IMWA.

Glad to have been of service to the sport, but no, I'm not going to start wearing my undies on the outside...

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