What dreams are made of

The World Ironman Triathlon Championship is on tomorrow in Kona, Hawaii.

One of my dearest triathlon friends is there, after years of slogging it out for the opportunity to test himself on The Big Island. He finally won an International Lottery this year, and while it all came down to luck, in my opinion there is noone more deserving.

He's told the story that when he told one of his best friends he'd won a Kona Lottery, she'd misundertood and thought he'd won Lotto and screamed down the phone at him in sheer excitement. When he clarified that he wasn't a millionaire, but he was going to the Hawaiian Ironman, she cried because she knew that this meant more to him than any amount of money could.

He's won the peer voted Male Athlete of the Year for our Club for I don't know how many years in a row now. He applies himself to his training relentlessly, he races like a man possessed. He's been a mentor and inspiration to all in the Club who have followed his path into Ironman triathlon.

Tomorrow's race is what dreams are made of - not only for him but for all of us who dare to aspire to be the best we can be.

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