Roller Coaster of Ironman

A big training weekend at the Sunshine Coast this weekend. The IMWA competitors from the squad (and a few hangers on) based ourselves at Caloundra for a couple of days of long rides and runs. I feel suitably tired and satisfied.

Training for an Ironman can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times and this weekend was the epitome. Taking off from HQ on Saturday morning felt great. I was stoked that I was able to hang onto the back of the pack for a good 20ks (and I even took a turn in the lead). Dropping off the back was a little disappointing (but inevitable for a genuine BOTPer like me, especially on a 145km ride).

Being hammered by magpies (hammered is not an exaggeration) was unpleasant, but taking in the view across Ewen Maddock Dam to the Glasshouse Mountains while trail running was breathtaking - the photo I took on my phone doesn't do it justice.

Opting for a shorter, flatter ride this morning was a hard decision - and not one that made me feel good at all - but the words of wisdom offered to me by my recently-returned-from-Kona friend helped me see it with some perspective.

Five weeks from today I'll be making my way towards my third Ironman finish. Bring it on, Roller Coaster and all!

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