A long hot day... but at least it was flat?

So the Coomera Half Ironman on the weekend... neither KKB or I were overly rapt with our times, but it was a good training run and great to get amongst it in a race atmosphere. I'm now getting really excited about Busselton, and that means I'm excited about training for the next eight weeks...

I was expecting it to be hot, and with the way I'd been running, expected it to be long. I also expected a nice flat course - in fact, to quote the race booklet "totally flat". As I relaxed at my club's tent while KKB was out cycling, I was reassured every time the race announcer said the words "completely flat..."

How wrong could we both have been. The new run course included an extra four hills on each lap, and less of the shady areas that had been part of past run courses.

Noone that races Half Ironman triathlon minds a few hills. But not updating competitor information packs to reflect this is really shoddy - especially when heat is such an issue - and the athletes pay good money to compete in a professionally run event.

Anyway, rant over. Bring on IMWA.

...I wonder if the streets of Busselton have grown any hills?


  1. Still trying to work out what KKB stands for. I thought his name was HOS - "hunk of spunk"!?

  2. HOS would be more fitting really but KKB is his screen name on online triathlon forum Transitions.