Run like a...?

Well, firstly, I hope I DO run like a girl.

I've been wondering though lately, what I do look like when I run. I seem to be very recognisable, from any angle and sometimes from great distances. I often get encouragement from people on bikes, in cars and as they pass me from behind.

Don't get me wrong. I love my friends giving me a bit of a gee up when I'm out on the road. God knows I need it. But... is it just me that is recognisable from a couple of hundred metres, and from behind? And if so, why?

Maybe my lard-arse is so wobbly the rebounding would be visible from the moon? Or would that be the spare tyre movement around the middle that makes me so distinctive?

Maybe what I've joked about for so long is true - and I really am the slowest runner in the world?

Maybe my favourite old running shorts really are see through in the sun, and I'm recogniseable by my white lard-arse shining through the disintegrating lycra?

I don't know what the answer is to this. Maybe the answer is that everyone else's running style is just as recognisable too... and we all just run like ourselves?

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