Tickets on what?

I've just bought a new car, and as my short time relying on public transport draws to a close, I'd like to reflect on one of the experiences that rebounds in my mind.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a bus with a fellow carrying a backpack that still had the baggage ID tags from the Gold Coast Marathon. On seeing them I immediately consigned him to the same category of those who leave their bike number ID tags on after major triathlons, for just a little too long. Bloody wankers!!!

The Gold Coast Marathon was in July. Early in July. This bloke certainly no longer needed ID in order for him to collect his backpack post event.

As I sat there clutching my Ironman New Zealand official merchandise backpack though, I couldn't help but change my outlook.

This anonymous man had suffered through blood sweat and tears to complete one of the events at the Gold Coast Marathon. Even if it was the 10k... he obviously feels proud enough of his achievement to have kept those tags on his backpack for a significant time later.

Tickets on himself? Who cares. It's nobody's call but his. Be proud of your achievements and if you feel the need, advertise them however you feel comfortable.

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