Sunday Morning

My grandfather used to always say that early morning was the best time of the day. As a kid I didn't get it and as a sullen teenager I couldn't fathom it.

As a triathlete, I revel in it.

It's taper week so my ride this morning was shorter and more leisurely than they have been of late. As I rode along the Wynnum foreshore this morning there was plenty of proof that Pa was onto something.

A couple gutting their catch from a morning out fishing on the Bay. A few friends jogging through the park. Some girl friends walking their dogs and others taking a stroll to the shop for the paper or bakery goodies for breakfast.

As I headed back towards home there was a bloke trying to rescue his golf ball from a scratchy part of the golf course. And further along my journey, a few friends on the way home from a night out, beer can still in hand.

Yes, morning is the best part of the day. Sunday morning especially so, because it's yours to use for what you love doing most.

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