Your guess is as good as...

We have started the "guessing competition" for Ironman Western Australia. One of the other girls from the squad has put herself on the line as well, and our finishing times are up for speculation for all and sundry.

Deal is, it's $25 per guess, closest guess wins a designated prize pool, with most of the funds going to Operation Flinders. (Full Terms and Conditions are available on request.)

It is kind of scary having everyone take a guess - and I suppose it's difficult for those closest to us to take a punt. What if they guess too slow - does that show a lack of faith in our abilities? What if they guess too fast a time - will we feel inadequate if we don't measure up?

I think I write on behalf of us both in saying... just do it. It's just a guessing competition. There aren't any odds and it's not a popularity contest. We're both putting ourselves out there - so why don't you too?

It's only $25, it's for a good cause, and who knows - your guess might even be good for a bit of spare cash.

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