AndyCamp Day 2

Day Two of AndyCamp had another 120ks scheduled - see the bikely route.

I knew fairly early on that I couldn't face it all, so had a plan to turn towards home at Kin Kin and do a nice easy 70ks with the intention of saving my legs for Day Three. I was satisfied with my efforts both ways on the little climb between Pomona and Kin Kin - and such beautiful scenery as well to keep me occupied.

After cycling back to Tewantin three of us went into Noosa for a fantastic breakfast (the thought of scrambled eggs was the only thing that had got me through the 35ks home) and then laid on the beach for the afternoon. It was all I could do - with just under 200ks in my legs over the last two days, I was too sleepy to move! At the end of the day I felt quite rested though, and thought I just might be able to handle Day Three.

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