When nature calls

Nature called me yesterday but I didn't listen.

Showers had been forecast all weekend and when I woke up to a relatively clear sky I knew I should get my long run in yesterday rather than putting it off until Saturday as I have been. I just couldn't though. I made every excuse in the book - it will rain, I'm tired, I should go to work early... but really, I was just being lazy.

So this morning when I woke up again to no rain, even though the sky was ominous, I knew I there were no excuses that would cut it.

I got ready quickly, maybe too quickly, and set off towards the city along the bike path.

Nature called again today about 4ks into my run. This isn't the first time the Athletic Powerhouse has been in this dilemma, and to this day KKB still asks me which is "the poo house" every time we're in the vicinity of where I relied on the kindness of strangers for a comfort stop a couple of years back.

There weren't many options for relief today though so I kept going as best I could, racking my brain for a solution. Closer to the CBD I remembered a gym just up from the river so took the appropriate exit.

I'll admit it, part of me was hoping they would refuse me entry, not being a member and all, just so I could have a bit of a rant about Fitness First right here on the Triathlete Chronicles. But most of me was ecstatic when they signed me in and directed me up the stairs to the Ladies.

Even with this major win, mother nature had the last laugh. I was still a good few ks from home when a downpour saw me drenched from head to toe, punishing me for scorning her the previous day.

You really can't beat mother nature.

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