AndyCamp Day 3

Day Three was the doozy. 117ks of solid climbing, refer to the bikely route for details.

Between the 35k and 75k marks the profile is distinctly uphill, and lumpy, so with an overall elevation climb of 500ks - there is much more climbing than that. I am happy to admit now that I was at breaking point at about 74.5ks. Finally though I spotted the sag wagon waiting ahead, with the driver there to cheer me up the last hill. Yes, the LAST hill!

The next 20ks was almost for free - a very nice downhill right through Peachester to Beerwah. From there it wasn't far home and I was grateful for that!

AndyCamp Alpes Edition for me was 307ks of riding over 3 days. I've never clocked this kind of mileage before, so I am well proud of my effort.

The photo - yet another of the glasshouse mountains, this time a northerly perspective from Mary Cairncross Park.

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