TDU - Cancer Council Classic

We got to the team presentations to get a first look at Cadel in his rainbow jersey! We were not disappointed with our, as he was flanked by his new lieutenant, George Hincapie, who, looked just as impressive in his own US national champion's jersey.

SBS commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen interviewed some of the big names in the race, which included not only Cadel and George, but also Stuart O'Grady, Alejandro Valverde, Luis Leon Sanchez - not to mention Lance Armstrong.

While the Cancer Council Classic isn't officially a stage in the Tour Down Under, the teams are on show and it signals to Adelaide that the carnival has come to town. We found our spot on one of the straights and waited for our first glimpse of the peleton as it snaked its way down Bartels Road.

With primes up for grabs on laps 5, 10, 15 and 20 (of 30 laps in total), there was plenty of action off the front. Lance Armstrong did the right thing by the Cancer Council by putting in a show in a small breakaway with Oscar Pereiro and three others.

We heard from the commentary that he led the breakaway through the finish line almost every lap they were away - but we only got to see him lead the race once.

In the end, though, the new Team Sky were victorious with kiwi sprinter Greg Henderson. A great way for the new British team to debut on the Pro Tour.

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