TDU - Stage 2 Feed Zone at Kersbrook

We rode out along Gorge Road to the feed zone at Kersbrook. It was a nice ride, the same way we'd started out on the Mutual Community Challenge ride last year. There were some steeper bits that I'd forgotten about from last year, and some descents as well, meaning the ride home this afternoon wouldn't all be downhill.

We scoped out our plan of attack for when the peleton passed through - I opted to watch them pass through the feed zone this time. We had plenty of time before this happened though, so we headed back out of time to check out Checkers Hill.

The climb was very steep (20% in places according to KKB's Garmin), so I wasn't too disappointed with my decision to give it a miss. In fact I pulled off to the side of the road near a press photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald, and a local mechanic for the German based Millram team. The photographer had already snapped off some shots at the start at Gawler, the Jayco Sprint in Lyndoch, and from the King of the Mountain would make his way to the finish to cap off his day.

The mechanic also shared some knowledge about how the tour works. He was a local bloke who did some work with the Australian Institute of Sport in Adelaide. Many of the teams bring one of their regular mechanics on the road, but supplement them with suitably qualified locals. I guess this is how support staff get their breaks with the international teams.

I rode back into Kersbrook to await the arrival of the peleton. We were not positioned in an ideal spot to pick up any discarded musettes or bidons; but still enjoyed getting super close to the action.

Hundreds of cyclists were headed back to Adelaide, so it was a fantastic vibe with most taking the time for a chat along the way. We stopped in at the Tour Village to see what was happening - we weren't disappointed. Robbie McEwen was being interviewed by James Tobin for Channel Seven's Sunrise, and I got to see Cadel Evans' rainbow decalled BMC getting the once over with the team mechanic.

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