TDU - a day of chance encounters

A day that was to be largely devoted to chores turned out to be full of opportunities to enjoy the vibe of the Tour Down Under.

Unsurprisingly, we prioritised the trip to the bike shop to pick up CO2 canisters - and we're glad we did. In walked Lance to meet the store owner and sign a Trek with the signature Livestrong paint job.

A master of getting in and out of situations on his own schedule, there wasn't the opportunity for anything but a quick snap - he was in the store just a few minutes in total.

From the bike shop to the supermarket, where we spotted Team Radio Shack's soigneur stocking up on bananas, soy milk, mineral water, and ham and cheese. And then the Team Fuji Servetto with pies, Doritos, Oreos... and more bananas. Something told me that bananas were going to become increasingly scarce in Adelaide this week...

Back to the unit to put our bikes together and a quick test spin around the Stage Six criterium course. Had a few mechanical issues, so back to the bike shop for some repairs. Unfortunately - no brushes with fame this time.

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