Amazing, or not?

Out on Mt Gravatt this morning for some reps. On my first trip up the hill I passed a woman running. I smiled at her on the way back down, and when I passed again on the second lap, she called out to me,

"You guys are amazing!"

I returned the compliment, calling out to her that I thought SHE was the amazing one. I have never even contemplated running up Mt Gravatt and can't imagine doing so. (Hope my coach doesn't read this and get some ideas...)

Thinking about it now though, I'm sure both of us really just felt that we were going about our business. Running, cycling, or even walking up any mountain, even if it is only a 2K suburban climb, may not be what most people do in a morning before work. But whether it's heroic enough to be considered "amazing"... I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

At the time, I gladly took the compliment, and without even thinking about it, offered the same encouragement in return. The support from this stranger helped keep me motivated and focused. It felt good. (Maybe even amazing.)


  1. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago on the same hill. Struggling up on my mtn bike I heard footsteps behind me, then shortly after come past... at 17kph! Some kid ran past me. Bastard. That was amazing. After speaking to him at the top he thought that he had it easy & we as cyclists had it hard cause we had the weight of the bike to get up the hill as well as ourselves. I'm yet to test his theory by running up it.



  2. Ha!
    Lyndell I've got plenty of ideas in store for you... (insert dramatic tune)

    Thanks for another!