My trusty Garmin. I hope.

My run Ks are starting to build and today after a recovery week last week, I was back up to 18Ks.

I ran a fairly flat run along the river this morning towards New Farm Park, familiar territory that I frequented a lot during last year's marathon training. As always I ran with my trusty Garmin. These days it's the only way I know how far I've run.

I don't remember feeling especially good this morning, or fast. But my Garmin tells me otherwise.

As it turns out, this morning I ran what must be a massive personal best. I couldn't believe when I looked up my training file and saw my average pace. Having said that, there are two caveats to declaring what I think is a new personal best.

Firstly, ignorance. The combination of a new Garmin and a new coach has made me a lot more aware of my heart rate and my speed. Maybe I have run sub 7 minute Ks, or even faster, and I've just never timed it. I've usually taken longer than this in both training and races though.

Secondly, technology. Please let my Garmin be right...

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  1. hello, athletic powerhouse. I'm glad I've now joined your league of followers, both in-person and on-digital.

    I'm also looking forward to building such a rapport with my heart rate monitor.