Commuting is fun!

Yes, I know. Mostly, commuting isn't fun. If you drive, it's peak hour traffic and idiots switching lanes all over the shop. If you catch the bus or train, there's the too-loud-iPod guy, the loud talker on the mobile phone, or someone who's just so weird you can't look at them straight.

Today I'd planned ahead and my weekly long run served as my commute to work.

For some reason I felt a little apprehensive when I left home. I'm not quite sure why. If everything went pear shaped, I could easily hop onto a CityCat. There are stops right along the Brisbane River.

Perhaps I was mistaking my nervous energy for something negative, when really, what was welling in my stomach was a hint of adventure. As lacklustre as it is in reality, I love the idea of a point to point run. For some reason it feels risky. When you opt for an out and back - which is the norm for most runners - you can turn around any time you like, really.

I left home as the sky was starting to lighten with my Fuelbelt stocked and a small backpack with my wallet and phone. I'd planned ahead by leaving my shower gear and work clothes at the office.

On the contrary, I wasn't prepared enough to have plotted out how far the route from home to work actually was. I was scheduled for an 18k run, and I thought I would be fairly close - but as I progressed along the Brisbane River through Teneriffe I was checking the Garmin, estimating and calculating my goal. Should I continue following the river, or should I cut along Merthyr Road straight to the Floating Boardwalk?

Remembering that I had the CityCat as plan B if my Ks really blew out, I stayed on the river front. The scenery is just so much better along past the Powerhouse and New Farm Park.This ended up being a fairly good decision in terms of distance as well. I got to work in 17.4ks. Yes, I did run the extra few hundred metres and back to make up the distance.

After my day's work I boarded the CityCat for the ride home. The Cat is smooth and if you sit out the back you get a good view and some fresh air. A nice reward for the long run in.

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