The Unknown

My long runs are getting longer. Today when I set out on my 14k out and back, I had no idea that I'd end up at West Chermside! It seemed like a long way from home. (But I guess it was only 7ks...)

Even so, I got that feeling of accomplishment that you often get when you train somewhere new. Maybe it's something to do with overcoming the unknown?

When I got to the Prince Charles Hospital, that feeling grew. When I was a little kid, we'd always pass by on Webster Road when we came to Brisbane. My family would always remind me it was "my" hospital. I was too young to remember, but the Prince Charles Hospital is where I had my heart surgery as a toddler. I vaguely remember getting a day off school for a check up years later, but it's not something I even think off all that often.

From time to time people ask me what happened to my back. Sometimes I try to tell them that the scar is the result of a shark bite. (It's never really worked, unfortunately!) But there's been the odd occasion where, if the question is asked with a sense of urgency, or a tone of shock or surprise, it startles me. I forget about the scar and wonder what's happened that I should be worried about.

Even though I'm not all that aware of it, from time to time I think about what I've come through, and how lucky I am to be alive, let alone to train the way I do. 

Yes, sometimes the unknown can spur you on to a new level.

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