Thirteen suburbs, two bridges, one long run

Well the title of the post sums up everything really.

36ks covers a lot of territory.

It was a big day. I'm still feeling it now.

The suburbs:

Cannon Hill
Eagle Farm
East Brisbane
Kangaroo Point
New Farm

The bridges:

Gateway bridge (my first time running this)

And the Story Bridge

When I got home I sat down not very gracefully on the steps and cried. Well, kind of. There were no tears, but I was emotional. I hunched over and put my head in my hands. My vocal chords vibrated and and my body shook.

I don't know quite what it was, but I expect it was partly the fact I'd never run that far in a training run before and it was really hard, and partly the realisation that I have two more even longer runs to get through before December.

This kind of has to become normal and right now it feels nothing but.

I don't know where this leaves my aspirations of becoming an endurance runner.

I'll tell you in a couple of weeks.


  1. Awseome effort AP!!! Keep your head up! :)
    Whats another 14km's when you've got 36km's behind you!.... (actually it's a long way). Though yesterdays conditions were far from ideal so that is even more training in the bank. Stand tall. Be proud. Very. :)
    How is the nutrition working out???

    1. Thank you Anonymous. You are very kind and also very wise - 14ks is a long way and I don't think 36ks cuts it quite yet.
      How's the nutrition? Well, there's another blog post in that and won't be for the feint hearted....