Longest run is long no more

This weekend's long run was 32ks.

Usually this is distance of the longest long run I do in training for an Ironman but this time it's just the beginning. Next week is 35.5, and then on alternate weeks, 38.5k, then 42k.

I had to consider yesterday's run as just another long run, not "the big one" and I found the way to do it - International Park Run day.

I'm not a regular park runner but I love that this volunteer driven organisation provides free timed 5k runs every weekend in a range of parks around the world.

Initially International Park Run Day fitted in with my training program. This weekend was meant to be a "rest" week with just 26ks to run on the weekend. The 32ks was meant to be done last weekend. I chickened out because when I rose at 4.45am, there was thunder and impending rain. It passed, but I had to either go or not go - I had somewhere else to be later that morning.

Anyway. I found the perfect solution. I ran in to New Farm from home, did Park Run, and ran home. (I had to add a few ks so did a lap around New Farm Park and up to Sydney Street.)

While it was great to be a part of Park Run, the rest of the run was a bit of a let down after being surrounded by likeminded spirits, but it was worth it.

Next week, its onward and onward (and onward)... into a training run distance I've never done before.

32ks? That's nothing now.

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