The Ride2Work bandwagon

Today was Ride2Work Day. Today was a good day.

I'm well and truly on the bandwagon for this one. I haven't ridden to work since this time last year. (I know! I was surprised too!)

And before you go tut-tutting me, I don't have excuses - if you ask me I have reasons. It was about this time last year that I started ramped up my training for Ironman Melbourne and Cairns and felt like I could no longer indulge in a cruisy commuter ride. No training benefit, so no time allocated.*

Since Ironman I've traded my ride commute for a run commute, which technically fulfills the same overall goals of taking a car off the road one day a week and saving me one day's parking fees. It also better fulfills a training purpose - even if it's just ks in the legs. My run to and from work is roughly a 22k round trip which isn't too shabby if you ask me.

Running to work doesn't quite achieve Ride2Work day's goal of encouraging others to give riding to work a go - but I think it does set an example for others that incorporating exercise into your daily life is not only achievable, but it a great thing to do. Whenever I run (or ride) to work, I start my work day full of energy, positivity, and happiness.

The other reason I like to participate in Ride2Work day because it's a PR exercise for Bicycle Network - a non profit organisation with a mission to promote healthy communities by getting more people riding bikes more often.

So yes, I'm on the bandwagon, but a worthy bandwagon it is.

*As an aside - I think I can be swayed on my previous "no training benefit" stance. I was probably still feeling Sunday's long run this morning. I think I could be convinced that a casual ride to work and back is the perfect recovery day. Especially with a sunset like today's to enjoy.

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