The magic eight

The Kurrawa2Duranbah website is telling me there is 21 hours and something to go. (Because I'm a slowie I've got an early start so for me it's 20 hours and something.)

I'm feeling like my physical preparation has been pretty good. Mentally, though, I've probably done less than for other events and my strategy is all about the magic eight.

The leadup to this event has been different to others. I haven't traveled very far so I worked all week and I haven't had time to agonise over every detail of the race.

Physically, I feel like my training went really well. I'm thinking that my four week taper was too long, but that's probably because I'm not so good at managing my taper. I have put on a kilogram and may not have done enough training during this time.

A couple of weeks ago though, I decided that 8ks was the key. I ran 42ks as my longest training run. I only have to run eight more kilometres than that. During taper 8ks became my standard run and it became easy and normal to run this distance.

I've decided that if I can run 8ks without even noticing, I can attack the race by breaking it down to an 8k run followed by a 42k run - both of which I know are achievable.

With my reliance on '8', I can't help but think of the magic eight ball - that "pocket fortune teller" that answers your most pressing questions with just a shake.

The magic eight ball has 20 possible answers. Ten of them are positive. Of the remaining 10 answers, five are non-committal and five are negative. I feel like the magic eight ball is on my side.

Here's hoping the magic eight kilometres unfold how I want them to tomorrow.

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