Seven Peaks Challenge: Falls Creek

Today I cut short what would have been a 120k ride to drive over to Mt Beauty and tackle just the 30k climb up to Falls Creek.

I know driving seems to be cheating somehow, but let's not forget I haven't been on a bike much since June...

KKB was tackling a longer ride with MG, so I had MK as my personal chauffeur to pack my bike in the car and drive me safely over to start my ride at the

Simon Gerrans' notes for this climb say that the climb starts as soon as you leave Mt Beauty. He's not wrong there! But the gradient wasn't too heartbreaking to start with and after not too long, it flattened out, and then there were some ups and downs before setting into a steady climb after Bogong Village.

Gerro also says the views are breathtaking. He's right. I only stopped to take this one shot, but overall the scenery is worthwhile.

Finally, you pass through the gates to the ski village - but this is far from the end. There is still at least 4ks to go from here and I was happy I'd saved something for them. It wasn't brutal, but it was consistent and I have to say, it did seem to go forever.

After about 2.5 hours I got there with the rare treat of having someone there to capture it.

Time for a quick summit shot before jumping back in the car and heading home.

Tomorrow, Mt Hotham, which I am not looking forward to...

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