K2D packed and ready

I'm packed and I think I'm ready for my first "ultramarathon".

Yes, I'm using Ironman bags. They're just practical. I don't have Busso envy or anything like that. I'm pretty excited about taking a step up with my running.

My equipment list is a lot smaller than usual, as I'm only running. So what have I got in all these bags?

Bag one - stuff I'm wearing

  • hat
  • short sleeved jersey
  • sports bra 
  • tri shorts
  • socks 
  • race number belt
  • Garmin and heart rate strap. And charger!
  • arm coolers / warmers (I've got a 4am start and it might be cool)
  • my super ugly running glasses

Bag two - stuff I'm eating

  • four bottle Fuel Belt
  • spare bottles for KKB to refill and give to me along the way
  • 10 energy gels
  • two packs of energy chews
  • Gastro Stop
  • extra water bottles to mix up electrolyte

Bag three - other stuff I'm wearing.

  • running shoes
  • sunscreen
  • deodorant
  • anti-chafing stick

Is there anything I've forgotten?

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