Seven Peaks Challenge: My old friend, Mt Buffalo

I didn't read Gerro's tips for Mt Buffalo.

I've ridden this climb before - in fact earlier this year I rode it twice in one day as the adjusted course for the Audax Alpine Classic 140. So I knew what I was in for today.
When I set off from our accommodation just north of Bright it was cold. I had fingerless gloves on and nothing but nicks on the bottom so I was feeling it as I headed through Bright and out towards Porepunkah and the base of the climb.

I started off taking it pretty steady but even so had to stop to strip off my jacket. I chatted with a few fellow cyclists on the way up, mostly a group of about seven who had come here for a reccy of the climb before the upcoming Audax rides.

The climb seemed easier than I remembered it, and before too long I had gained a fair bit of height and could catch glimpses of this through the trees.

When I reached the Mt Buffalo park centre I knew there wasn't much further to go up to the cafe at Dingo Dell - but even haven ridden this section twice in a day at the beginning of the year, I'd forgotten how far and how steep that last bit was.

No wonder the last time I'd been there I hated life, the universe, and everything!!

I ordered coffee at the Dingo Dell Cafe, and got a bit of a floor show on the side with the staff cracking jokes left right and centre. Then descended back down to the heat below and enjoyed pizza, chips and a delicious pale ale at the Bright Brewery.

Today's ride was my 4th from the 7 Peaks Challenge. Tomorrow, it's Falls Creek.

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