"Race" tape

The pinky saga has contined up until the last few days before Ironman Cairns.

I definitely need to buddy tape it for Sunday's swim, but both of the tapes I'd been using had come loose during my set. I didn't need this to happen on race day. In fact I needed it NOT to happen.

KKB had the answer.

"I've got some race tape in the car. It won't come off."

I immediately thought he was talking about Rock Tape or something similar. I thought it was a bit weird that KKB had bought into what seems to me to be a bit of a gimmick. I was also puzzled that if he had, he would keep it in his car. 

I didn't wonder for long, and the next morning when I got up for my swim, I prompted him. 

"So, have you got that race tape?"

He did. I ended up looking like this.

"It's gaffer tape," I said. (I was only a bit unimpressed. The rest of me thought it was kind of funny.)

"No," KKB protested. "It's race tape. They use it in motor racing all the time. If it'll keep a muffler on, I reckon it'll stay on your hand in a swim."

To this point I'd tried two tapes. First, I tried the paper-ish tape I'd been using to buddy tape it all along. Clearly, it was incredibly optimistic to think that would work. It's paper! 

Secondly, I'd used sports tape, but even that started to peel back before I'd hit 2ks in the drink.

So gaff tape it is. 

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