Lunch and dinner, Ironman style

My nutrition for Ironman Cairns is packed and it looks like this.

The plan is, from top to bottom:
  • A gel before the swim. I'm not sure which flavour yet.
  • A cookie in T1. I always find it's good to get something solid into my tummy after more than an hour in the water.
  • Bars and energy chews on the bike. I'll probably also get a banana or two from aid stations and I'll also carry liquid energy, in the form of coconut water (for electrolytes) mixed with SIS energy powder. I'll have one on my bike to start and freeze one and put it in special needs.
  • Nurofen. Just in case.
  • Gastro stop. Just in case. But I don't think I'll wait for the symptoms. I think I'll injest it just in case, rather than just carrying it just in case. A couple of these towards the end of the bike should do the trick.
  • Gels for the run. I'll pack these but the reality is that I usually get through the run mainly on cola from the aid stations.  I'll probably also pack a small packet of potato chips in my special needs in case I need something different.

I ordered a fair bit of this stuff a month or so and when I received my box of goodies at work, I opened it up to my satisfy my workmates' intrigue. 

"So this is lunch... or do you have a proper lunch?"
"No, this is lunch. Oh, well, I might grab a banana or two, but this is basically lunch. And dinner too,  now I think about it."
*blank look*

OK I'll admit. It seems weird.


  1. much of what we think is normal is VERY abnormal to the regular folk!

  2. I know. I tend to forget that though, a lot of the time Bron!