What to wear... what to wear...

I know it's not a fashion parade. KKB reminded me of this tonight.

Last year I had picked my outfit for both my Ironman races months in advance. This year, I'm packing my suitcase and I still haven't decided.

On the left... my old faithful from last year's races.
  • It's comfy, stylish.
  • It's well tested (two Ironmans last year).
  • But I'm doing the same race. My photos will look the same from last year!

On the right.... a new contender. 
  • It's equally comfy and stylish.
  • Not quite as well tested (some rides and a short-ish run).
  • My photos will look different... but I usually prefer to race in a plain kit. What if I regret wearing a specific brand in years to come?

I don't think I'd regret wearing Amy Gillett kit. But I'm still torn.

Any thoughts?

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