Photo a day - Ironman Cairns (part two)

Like part one, part two isn't really a isn't really a photo a day either.

32 days
With a lot of time spent on the wind trainer my iPod got a bit of a flogging. I documented the most embarrassing songs on my training playlist.

32 days
... and then the songs that remind me of Ironman.

28 days
With four weeks to go it was back out to the trails and discovered that you don't get away from road kill out here.

24 days
When race numbers for Ironman Cairns were released I almost got lured into a game of Price is Right showcase to guess mine. But then I remembered that my husband is not Larry Emdur and opted out of the "higher" / "lower" game.

22 days
With three weeks to go it was time for my last big session on the bike, once again on the trainer rather than the road...

21 days
...backed up by a 35k run.

which resulted in a red badge of courage that looked something like this.

14 days
15k run with stretch and core strength in the sunshine.

13 days
Taper is really serious now. Yesterday - my last indulgence. Today - salad. For the next two weeks.

11 days
Taper was progressing well. I kept to race weight and sorted out a couple of niggles. My pinky finger was still swollen though.

7 days 
I didn't ride up Monte Zoncolan in my preparation for Ironman, but I did watch these guys ride up there while time trialing on the trainer.

6 days
Time to start packing. Nutrition for the day. Look tasty? Not sure I'd use that exact word... and neither would my workmates.

4 days
Still undecided on what to wear, I put it to the social media world. Which jersey?

A tweet back from the Amy Gillett Foundation decided for me.

3 days
Not a moment too soon, I settled on "race" tape to support my still swollen pinky during the race.

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