Progress report / reality check: Ironman Cairns 2014

With 11 days to Ironman Cairns, I'm well overdue for a recap and reality check.

Is my injured pinky back to normal? Am I happy with my training? How is taper going? And how do I think race day will unfold?

Read on for the answers.

The pinky

It's still a bit swollen and it looks a bit bent (but it actually isn't, I don't think). There isn't much strength in it, so it flaps around when I swim unless I tape it, and even taped it flares up a bit with the extra stress placed on it. I didn't swim for a few weeks after the injury, and since then have swum several sessions of 1500m, comprised of freestyle, paddles (for support), and kicking. I know it isn't enough but it's all I can do. But each day it seems to get a little bit better with more flexibility and more strength. I keep telling myself that by race day it'll be fine. But I'm not really convinced about that.

Am I happy with my training?

Except for swimming, and a distinct lack of riding on the road since the pinky injury - I'm fairly happy. My running has progressed as it should, and the bike sessions I've done on the stationery trainer have been solid. It was always the plan to train to finish this race, with extra running, ready to tackle the training for my first 100k trail run just a few months away. Balancing the two events hasn't been without its challenges. There have been times when I've become overwhelmed and slightly obsessed with the possibilities and impossibilities of running 100ks, sometimes to the detriment of my preparation for Ironman, but I think that's forgiveable.

Do I have taper tummy?

To me rule number one of taper is to eat well, not only to keep the taper tummy away but also to stay in good health. Also, stretching a lot, doing enough training but not too much, and maintaining the race weight I've worked so hard to achieve. I have been tired in the last week and had a few aches and pains. I've also joined a team at work for the Global Corporate Challenge, so I'll hopefully become more aware of incidental exercise, which I think will be good long term.

How do I think race day will pan out?

I will cry on the morning of the race.
I will get out of the swim feeling like death warmed up.
The bike will seem long and lonely.
The run will seem long (but I also think this is the leg I'll enjoy the most).
Hopefully, I'll have a loved one at the finish line.

What else is there to do?

I still have some last minute prep to work through. I have to finalise nutrition (it's fairly set). I still haven't quite figured out what to wear. And last but not least... I still have some thinking to do about whether to take Gastro-Stop as a precaution.

It's so close, and still ten days away.

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  1. I always find the final two weeks before a major race to be really interesting. You're almost there, but not quite..... I would definitely go with a gastro stop!