Beginnings and ends

La Dolce Vita is a standard hangout for cyclists in Brisbane. So by association, is a favourite of triathletes and runners as well.

Today marks the end of an era for the well known haunt, with the well known barista is on his last day. This barista is not known and loved for his coffee (though he does a good job behind the coffee machine). He's known for his constant banter, calling girls sweetheart and darling; and flattering the blokes by likening them to George Clooney. In the spirit of true "dolch" hospitality, the owners brought out free bikkies for everyone, and passed around a card for the regular crowd to sign.

As for beginnings, well, I guess I can't exactly promise a new beginning, but I've signed up for the Intro to Adventure Racing course starting Monday. At the very least, I hope the course will kickstart my training (which has been nonexistent since the Marathon) and challenge me physically and mentally. And maybe, just maybe, entertain the thought of adventure racing.

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