Triathlon meets Adventure

So, kekeboy and I are now looking at some options for our next big overseas race. We've just come across the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon... those scandanavians are crazy.

The race is an iron distance race. The 3.8k swim is in a 400m deep fjord. Expected water temperature 15.5 to 17.5 C.

The 180k cycle is not only hilly - there aren't any aid stations. You are required to have a support team with a car, but you're not allowed to sit in the car on the bike leg, even for a rest when it's stationary.

And then there's the marathon.

Again, aid stations are only on part of the course. That's because, and I'm quoting from the competitor manual here, the mountain is not really a mountain, but more of a pile of rocks. It looks beautiful from a distance. This final rocky path up to the finish line will be a difficult walk up as there is an uneven path of different sized rocks.

You can't enter the last 4.7ks of the run without your support crew, and you have to carry your own food and drinks, warm clothing and mobile phone. Even in summer, the estimated temperature for this section of the run is 2 to 12 C. There's a free ride down in the elevator for every finisher - but not their support crew who have to walk back down the pile of rocks.

If you can't find a support crew willing to take this on, firstly, why...? There is an alternate route but if you take this option, or miss the final time cutoff, you get a different colour Finisher shirt. They've really got this sussed.

There are several "special rules" for Norseman Triathlon which allow neoprene caps and booties for the swim, blocking OK on uphill sections. Another rule that you never see anywhere else but scandanavia, Competitors will not be disqualified for nudity while changing in the transition zones.

Only in Norway...

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  1. Lyndell, that's fantastic! The rule book alone, seems like an adventure :)