A random number one

I wasn't the only one that had assumed that Friday night's "team dynamics" session at the Regatta Hotel was more about drinking than doing.

I can't say I was disappointed to be wrong.

First order of the evening was to randomly draw our number. I was Number One! Finally! Alas, the numbers were only to allow us to quickly split into even groups, it wasn't any kind of ranking system...

The night was full of fun and interesting challenges. We tied ourselves together and negotiated the stairs down to the bar; worked in teams to decide which rope was the odd one out; and figured out how to save our belongings in a flooded creek bed. (Imaginary of course.)

I guess it sounds kind of weird but I actually learned a few things about myself and my ability to work with others. I think everyone else did too. Maybe it wasn't so random that we all came out on top.

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