What I did yesterday

4.45am - rise and shine
4.46am - feed the cat
4.47am - whatever else I needed to do before...
5.30am - leaving the house for trail running
5.50am - drive around the outskirts of Anzac Park trying to figure out how to get to the meeting point. Who'd have thought I lived around the corner from here for, like, eight years...?
6.00am - running drills. I knew there was a reason I stopped going to formal running training.
6.15am - off on the trails. Yes, I've done heaps of running lately. I just ran a marathon. But training on flat roads and bike paths is NOT the same as running in the bush.
7.00am - end of training session, drive to work
7.20am - shower at QUT
7.30am - drive to Angela's at South Brisbane to park for the day
7.50am - walk across Goodwill Bridge to QUT, catch shuttle bus to other QUT
8.30am - work. Rest time. (Did I write that or think that?)
3.45pm - back on the shuttle back to QUT city campus, walk across Goodwill Bridge for final work appointment, celebratory drinks at the Ship Inn. Yes, I had softdrink.
5.15pm - walk to Angela's to pick up the car. Time for a quick hello and costume change
6.00pm - arrive at cliffs for... abseiling!

Susan from Adventure Seekers was there waiting for us with all the gear we needed laid out and ready for us. We practiced some drills, watched a demonstration, but it wasn't until I was all kitted up with a harness and hardware, standing on the side of the cliff that it became real. Was I up to this...?

I focused solely on the fact that I'd done this before. In fact I'd abseiled off taller cliffs, and even the Sheraton Brisbane. The first time down was a bit scary but on my second abseil I stopped and looked around... the city lights off the Brisbane river is really a beautiful sight.

??pm - arrive home for a quick bite to eat and SLEEP.

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