It's ALL about the bike

At last, the session I'd dreaded most, given my past failures and fears. No, not lion taming, offal eating, and there wasn't a spider in sight.

It was in fact, mountain biking.

You can refer back to my previous post about my efforts at mountain biking here. In retrospect, it all seems quite positive and forward looking. Challenging my fears and all that... Well, I'm a little embarrassed to have to admit that I haven't done much "challenging my fears" via mountain biking since that earlier post.

So, we meet up at Daisy Hill, me more nervous than most. Andy took us through emergency breaking, how to balance our weight on the bike, cornering and other handy skills. I'm not sure whether it was this additional learning, or whether it was the pressure to perform in a group. But the morning went really very well, and despite a few early tears, I managed to successfully negotiate several of the trails. I'm even looking forward to getting back on, sooner rather than later.

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