Four surprising songs from my iPod

I've spent the last two Saturdays on the home trainer getting through the Spinervals Hardcore 100.

I've done this training session a number of times so these days I can get through it without listening to Coach Troy's blow by blow description. If you play the DVD there are clear visuals, and you can also download a PDF from the Spinervals website for extra clarification.

So instead of listening to endless Coach Troy-ims I get the tunes going. But what comes up in 5.5 hours with my iPod on shuffle surprises even me.

You spin me round (like a record) - Dead or Alive

OK, so it has some relevance when you're on a stationary (spin) bike. After googling the film clip for this I'm pretty happy not to get the visuals and just listen to it.

Don't leave me this way - Communards

(But I can't get left behind on a wind trainer...)

Now, I love a good singalong to this one. But especially after looking at the film clip, it just makes me feel old. So eighties.

Laid - James

A song about a crazy breakup with a crazed person that the singer (who must be just as crazed) wants back. At least it's from the nineties I guess. So I feel less old.

Heartspark Dollarsign - Everclear

I'm sure the reason I put some Everclear onto my iPod is because it takes me back to a time in my life (before Ironman) when I worked at a radio station and spent my weekends making the most of free tickets to rock and roll shows. Good times.

It's surprising how, in a different time, you can assign meaning to a song that wasn't there for you before. "You are possessed with a power bigger than the pain."

So it's confession time. What skeletons do you have on your training playlist?

And if that's too hard, at least make sure you stick with me as I tour through my iPod in my next couple of posts.

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