Birds in the bush

Running in the bush is peaceful. Delightful.

The trees, the sunshine (well let's be honest, you can get the sunshine anywhere), the birds.

Let's focus on the birds.

I love hearing bellbirds in the bush. I grew up hearing them whenever we went to the bush, so it's so familiar to me. The bush isn't the bush without bellbirds.

But if you think getting off the road is a way to avoid roadkill, think again.

Dead magpie on a dirt trail

Yep, it kind of stunk too.

In all, I achieved 30ks as an out and back up South Boundary Road on Mt Nebo. My longest trail run. 

I'm tired now.


  1. Aw, I miss the sounds of the bush. Thanks for sharing that one, AP. And you can't get sunshine everywhere... I miss that, too! :)

  2. And PS - Amazing efforts on that epic trail run. Massage time?