Photo a day - Ironman Cairns (part one)

I haven't quite lived up to "a photo a day" but two out of three ain't bad.

50 days
A ride up the Sunshine Coast with friends. Mt Cooroora in the background.

49 days
A lucky race number for an Ironman triathlete?

48 days
Not so lucky. But not all bad.

47 and 46 days
Splinted up.

44 days
Anzac Day. Didn't get to a service but stopped by a local memorial on my run.

43 days
Decided not to ride on the road with a still quite busted finger so it's the Spinervals Hardcore 100 with Coach Troy.

42 days
Shared my running path with race walkers. At the elite level these guys walk faster than I run.

39 days
Ran to work. Straight to the coffee shop. Bring it, people. I'm ready!

36 days
Pinky still on the mend. Just under 6 hours on the home trainer. Remotes ready. Pity there wasn't anything worth watching on TV. (I redid the Hardcore 100 but couldn't bear to watch Coach Troy again so followed a written copy instead.)

35 days
Ran in to the city to do the QUT Classic. A 31k round trip.

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